User tips and maintenance

Like any valuable object, Breitling watches and precision instruments require particular care in terms of their use and maintenance. The tips listed here will enable you to prolong their life and functioning and preserve their beauty.


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Perspiration and dust on watch cases and bracelets can result in skin irritations, and in the long term, oxidation of the steel. To avoid these deposits, clean the strap periodically using a toothbrush and liquid soap, and rinse the strap and the case under a gentle stream of water (not powerful) and dry with an absorbent cloth. For watches with a leather strap, follow the same rules but do not wet the strap. If the leather is splashed, absorb the liquid as fast as possible with a cloth.

Leather straps

Like all leather objects (shoes, gloves, etc) a leather strap needs to be carefully cared for in order to maintain its beauty in the long term. Protect leather straps from water, perspiration, damp, grease, perfume, cosmetics or chemicals, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun. The use of Breitling’s care kit (available from brand retailers) will help increase the lifespan of leather straps and maintain their appearance and their supple feel.


Following every immersion in chlorinated or salt water, carefully rinse your watch under a thin stream of tap water (not powerful), and dry it with an absorbent cloth.

Choice of strap/bracelet

Leather does not like water. For aquatic activities, very humid or damp places, or climates that result in intense perspiration, a metal bracelet or rubber strap is better.